What Parents Should Know about Child Support Payments


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Child Support
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Gordon Burrows operates a family law practice and serves as a county legislator for Westchester’s 15th District in White Plains, New York. Practicing law for more than 30 years, Gordon Burrows is experienced in litigating divorce, child custody, and child support cases.

Hiring an attorney may be a critical factor in ensuring the best outcome of a child support case. The first step in determining how much a parent will pay for child support is for the courts to examine the net income of both parents. In the state of New York, a statutory calculation is used to determine the amount of child support a parent must pay, although this amount may be adjusted by the court to provide an appropriate and fair payment amount.

New York State regards child support as an important issue and uses specific mechanisms to enforce the full and timely payment of child support. For example, if child support arrangements involving payments from a non-custodial parent are past due, any professional or business licenses possessed by that parent may be suspended until payment is made. Additionally, any legally responsible relative of a child can be ordered by the court to provide available benefits such as health insurance for the child.