How to Prepare for Child Custody Hearing


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Child Custody Hearing

Gordon Burrows, an attorney with more than 30 years of experience in divorce and family law cases, represents clients in White Plains, New York. Throughout his career, Gordon Burrows has been able to win favorable judgments for clients going through contentious divorces and child-custody battles.

If you are a party in an upcoming child-custody hearing, you should gather any supporting documentation you can to prove you are a responsible parent. Start by creating a log of the activities you do with or for your children on a daily basis. Attend school-related activities, such as conferences and performances, as often as possible, and keep records, including photos, related to this parent-child time. If you are the parent who regularly takes your children to the doctor or dentist, include proof of handling those responsibilities as well.

Ask witnesses who are close to your child to vouch for your positive parenting style in writing. Child-care workers, doctors, teachers, neighbors, and relatives are among those who can provide you with a parental character reference. If your spouse is unreliable in fulfilling parental obligations, try to gather documentation that would support those claims in court. Examples might include a heavy work, travel or social schedule that leaves little time for children.